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Hidden Veggie Pasta

I absolutely adore cooking and through this I have developed a love of most vegetables. However, my three year old, not so much. As like most toddlers, Lincoln distrusts any food that he can see has something green in and then refuses to eat it. I have read loads of recipes that are recommended for kids because it tastes great despite the veg – but it seems to appeal to the older, more rational children as the vegetables are in plain sight. I needed to find a way to get him eating more vegetables without him knowing and so through a long search on Pinterest, I found many people suggesting to blend the vegetables into mush.



Eventually I decided to add this mush of veg into something I knew he would eat without question – pasta! Mixing the veggies with a soup (I tend to use tomato as it keeps the whole house happy but it could work equally well with all sorts) and then using this as a sauce for pasta. The next attempt shall be to use this blend of vegetables as a sauce over something else like chicken.

The wonderful thing about this sneaking in of vegetables is that any veg will work. You can throw in whatever you happen to have in the fridge (I personally love courgettes, pepper and onion), fry it up in a pan and then blended into soup.

I would love to know any other tricks and tips you might have for smuggling some healthy food into mealtimes, happy eating 🙂


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