Montmatre, Paris May 2015


The smell of red wine makes me think of my trip to Paris. The courtyard in Montmartre has restaurants and cafes surrounding the main square and in the courtyard itself, tents to extend the seating of these restaurants. Artists painting caricatures and landscapes sit on little stools with their pieces behind them trying to sell them to the people in the courtyard. My favourite cafe in Montmartre square is a little red cafe and bar called La Bohême which seats people on the pavement overlooking the artists with a view of the Sacre Coeur behind the buildings. The cafe smells very strongly of red wine with Parisians drinking and eating cheese boards at lunchtime. The square is very typically ‘French’ what would be imagined for a movie set, very picture perfect. I remember the day being very warm with people buzzing around everywhere because of the street parade that had gone on in the morning. Watching everyone else while I sat outside a little cafe had a very calming effect as it seemed I was the only thing staying still. Wall climbers covered the walls of the front of the cafe which made it look very quaint. I remember seeing a variety of flowers in baskets and tin buckets round the outside of all the restaurants. The square was very enclosed and had the sort of atmosphere that made it seem closed off from the rest of the world like in there, no one can get to you, the outside world didn’t exist. There was also a strong smell of cheeses and bread on all of the little tables along the pavement. The place itself was quite chaotic but at the same time it all worked so seamlessly, it could have been choreographed. People moved around each other at fast pace without bumping into one another. Waiters carried multiple bottles of wine whilst balancing plates on their arms without dropping them. I remember a bride and groom walking down the cobbled street – the bride was barefoot and still in her wedding dress later in the day as the sun started to set. A procession following them of colourful dresses all carrying bouquets. They passed a second time back the way they had come, clearly walking around the area because of how beautiful it is. I remember watching them, it was quite funny the groom had his wife’s shoes in hand and she asked him for a piggy back to wherever they were headed. I remember my favourite painting that had been on sale in the square all day – a small canvas, with acrylic paint depicting one of the cafe’s surrounded by flowers with the Montmartre street sign in front.


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