Underground by S L Grey Review

9781447266457Under Ground_37

This week I have finished reading Under Ground by S L Grey. The book is a dystopian based in America (again) which is, along with fantasy/sci-fi, my favourite genre. I absolutely loved it!

Having read many post apocalyptic novels I am always on the look out for something that is different than the majority of this genre. Under Ground does exactly that by focusing on a group of people, rather than focusing on the apocalypse itself or the outside world.

The book is written by two people who have written many pieces in this area – and with qualifications specific to vampire fiction, post-apocalyptic religious cults and others. Together they have collaborated to make a novel that in my opinion, is something very unique and thrilling; it holds your attention the entire way through, exciting and incredibly intense.

The novel focuses on a number of families who have bought into The Sanctum, an underground safe house for the rich. Told in a variety of points of view which allows the reader insight into different people’s lives. When The Sanctum’s security system goes wrong, the families are trapped 50 feet underground. And someone winds up dead.

The story keeps readers hooked the whole way through thinking like a detective to work out who the murderer is. In all honesty, I am normally very good at working out the plot and ending, however this story left me extremely shocked and surprised but very satisfied.

Definitely worth a read, something I would read more than once. 10/10.


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