Writing Prompt Jar

As someone who likes to write regularly, but occasionally needs a rest from my current story, I like to keep plenty of writing prompts handy. I often use Pinterest to search for writing prompts and ideas for stories (this includes searching concept and fantasy art for ideas on landscapes or worlds). Sometimes if that is not enough I’ll google search or go to specific writing blogs (one I can highly recommend is mythcreants.com – mostly fantasy and sci-fi but also lots of posts on writing in general).
At first I made a word document and typed in lots of ideas that I liked so that they were all in one place – but I found that I often forgot to check it or didn’t like what was there, as it was too fresh in my memory and I wanted something new or forgotten.

writing prompt jar

Wherever you find your writing prompts, I’m sure you like to keep them easily accessible. Although I have a board on Pinterest with writing things in, it’s hard to find them once you’ve got a few hundred pins.

My favourite writing prompts, I write on pieces of paper and put them in my lovely writing prompt jar on my desk so that when I start to struggle and need a distraction to get the writing flowing – I can pick one out at random and write a few sentences, a paragraph, a short story or even start planning a novel, it’s completely up to you!

It also works really well as a way of coming up with writing exercises, or as a (nerdy) game with your friends – a lovely game to play at a sleepover where you can all pick a prompt and come up with stories to share.

I like to keep my writing prompts in a special jar and even ones I come up with myself go in there.

How do you like to keep track of writing prompts? And where does your inspiration come from? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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