Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier Book Review


Jamaica Inn is one of my favourite novels. Before having read the book I first came across it as the BBC television mini series that came out a few years ago. The website address for which is here: I definitely would recommend both book and TV adaptation as they are incredible.

Jamaica Inn focuses on Mary Yellan, a 23 year old in the early 1800’s. Mary has recently lost her mother due to an illness and is set to move to Cornwall, to live with her Aunt Patience and her husband. Her uncle Joss Merlyn owns Jamaica Inn, a place where no one of ‘good society’ tends to visit anymore.

Jamaica is in the middle of moorland, separate from town life that Mary is used too, and so she takes to walking the moors. The moors are dangerous but in comparison to Jamaica Inn and her uncle, it seems to be the safer of the two.

Jamaica Inn is a historical thriller involving smugglers, ship wreckers and the charming Jem Merlyn, brother of Mary’s uncle, who Mary can’t help but be attracted too.

I highly recommend Jamaica Inn. The book and story line is enticing and addictive. The words, although written to be historical, is a very easy read. The characters and dangers are exciting and draw you in. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it!

The book reads fast and is well paced going through the motions of learning about the darkness in Jamaica Inn and in her uncle; being introduced to the characters and interactions with Jem Merlyn and Mary; reaching the climax as Mary is forced to commit sins that are against her morals in order to save her own life.


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