Ferrovia, Venice May 2016

Venice is truly an incredible place. Starting off the adventure with the beautiful Ferrovia, the hotel being only a five minute walk from Santa Lucia Train Station next to the Grand Canal. My friends and I passed over this bridge almost everyday to grab some delicious gelato and an AMAZING watercolour painting that has taken my breath away.


The city itself is extremely old and sinking bit by bit. Eventually it will cease to exist but even with some buildings looking slightly worn down and painted by graffiti, Venice still manages to look stunning.


Gondolas can be found everywhere and although they are expensive, my do they look a sight! Gondoliers wearing striped tops steering the fancy boats past water buses and speedboats, calmly over the water, it provides a magical view.


With tourists filling up the streets and the canals, making it quite the squeeze at times, it’s nice to sit on the steps and watch the pigeons and seagulls walk about searching for scraps.


The view from this famous canal is something I could stare at for endless hours. The vaporettos travel down here all day everyday and with a waterbus pass all you need to do is simply step on to get anywhere in Venice.


With the glorious sun beating down, it’s the perfect place to sit with your friends and some ice cream!


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