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Prezzo Restaurant Review

Yesterday my family and I went to our local Prezzo (although having been to others I can confirm that the chain restaurant is the same everywhere when talking about awesome food) for a birthday dinner for my mum and I. The atmosphere is very family friendly and relaxed – there is no need to dress up if you don’t feel like it which is wonderful.

The staff are welcoming and the restaurant itself is, as you can see in this picture, very attractive.


Now let’s get onto the food! For starter I had Mozzarella in breadcrumbs which was absolutely delicious with the salsa they serve it with. Big thumbs up. I was a very happy girly with this yummy course.


As you can see it’s been served very nicely and makes me want to go on a snappy spree taking photos of loads of food 😀 The service was pretty damn quick and we were never left without drinks or food on the way.

For main I had (as I’m sure you can guess pasta…) Al Forno Pollo Carbonara which is carbonara with added chicken into the mix and is extremely yum.


This dish was delightful and everything I love in one bowl – pasta, bacon, chicken and parmesan. But it was huge!! Which is normally a blessing but this time it defeated me and alas I could not finish it for fear of exploding. So if you like big portions this dish is perfect!

Pudding was necessary of course and I chose something that I don’t normally go for – Panna Cotta and I was pleasantly surprised with the pud. It was light and creamy, with lovely berry compote.


It was a lovely way to end the dinner with this dish and a rum and coke 🙂

It’s definitely a restaurant I would recommend and go back to regularly.



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