Juliet’s House & Verona

Part 2 of my awesome trip to Italy earlier this month — Verona! My friends and I went on a day trip to Verona on the second day of our trip by train from Venice train station.


The beautiful view from the train…


After an hour on the train through lovely countryside we arrived at Verona station and bought ourselves a map.

From the station it was an easy 20 ish minute walk to the Arena which was absolutely breathtaking. I’ve always wanted to see the amphitheatre and it was even more amazing in real life.



And then we went on to see Juliet’s House and it was everything I could’ve imagined!


The balcony and little courtyard were beautiful and exactly the same as it looks in Letters to Juliet, which I totally adore.


People were crowding around the famous statue of Juliet Capulet to touch her breast for good luck.


As an English student and Shakespeare being my biggest love, it was an absolutely incredible experience.


At only 6 euros to get inside the four story house, it was a great bargain with a fantastic view.


Original costumes from what I can only assume to be one of the film adaptations although I cannot be sure. Regardless of where they were used, they look wonderful and I’d love to wear something like that one day!


The bed of Juliet where the fictional fated lover’s lay.


There’s even a post box inside to post already written enveloped letters! If you ever plan on coming here then don’t forget to do that.


And let’s face it Verona is a flipping amazing sight to behold!


I will definitely be going back to explore Juliet’s tomb and other sights… 🙂



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