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Planting with the Kiddies

I don’t know about you but at times, getting my son to eat vegetables has been a real challenge. Unlike nursery who seem to be able to get him to eat anything, at home he is a lot more reluctant.

I have made a previous post about cooking with hidden veggies, but I want to be able to have him eat proper vegetables and most of all like them! I started gardening while I was pregnant (beginning simply with herbs) and found that I quite liked it.

Once he started walking I had my son join in with watering (I’d give him the hose and dress him in swim trunks and let him get soaked!) which he very much enjoyed.

Now that he is bigger (3) I get him helping with the planting as well (they also do this at his nursery) and get him involved with digging the soil, making a hole, putting the plant or seed in and watering it.

To add to this interest I’ve bought him his own child’s kit of gardening tools and gloves etc. which he absolutely adores and loves to use!

I think the main reason he loves it so much is because it makes him feel grown up – he can join in with an activity that mummy does and one day the veg will be ready to eat with the whole family – a very proud accomplishment for a 3 year old.


We’ve planted a range of veg – carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and courgette so that even if he doesn’t like some of them, odds are he will be willing to eat some.

We like to keep an eye on how they are growing (we also do this with his sunflower and see how tall it is next to him!) which helps him to understand the way plants grow and how it takes time.

The likelihood is that children who take part in growing the veg (and cooking it too!) will be very excited to eat it and won’t come into the meal with preconceived ideas of ‘I don’t like it’ because they will have made it!



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