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Rimmel Nail Polish


Looking for some bright colours to spice up the summer? The weather here in the UK this week has been absolutely stunning and I’ve had the pleasure of being outside loads, wearing cute dresses! But with little dresses comes sandals – and for that you need your toes looking fab. Something I don’t often do as it’s rare I get to have my feet out. Recently I’ve been using Rimmel as they have some fantastic bright colours that’ll make you want to get your feet out this summer.

The main selection that I use is I ❤️ Lasting Finish  which comes in all sorts of vibrant colours. It’s very easy to use – doesn’t gloop like some other varnishes and has a good brush. It’s rather easy application, the brush is small and straight, the varnish goes on very smoothly and sleek.

One thing to mention however, is that you have to be careful how much varnish is on the brush with this brand as too little will make it sticky and too much and it will drip everywhere.

It’s not perfect but perhaps that has something to do with my skill applying it. Despite this though I will continue to use it throughout this lovely hot season to keep my nails looking cute 🙂

I’m using black cherries in this pic for a fierce look.



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