30 Day Writing Challenge

30 Day Writing Challenge picture

I’m so excited about this post! Even though the cover picture came out a little fuzzy grr. It was extremely fun writing this challenge and made me want to ignore my WIP and do them all.

I chose to write the challenge with a range of prompts that could potentially lead on to bigger things because the majority of challenges I found on Pinterest and google search were all about personal things. Things like your favourite songs and where you like to go on holiday — which is not always what you want.

I hope you’ll find these prompts and challenges really fun to do – some of them are quiet short whereas others could be made longer if you wish. I urge you to not only have a go yourself but get family and friends involved. It doesn’t require any knowledge on writing or prior experience it’s just a bit of creative fun!

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 19.15.55

Feel free to save the picture to your computer or phone so that you can go back to it everyday! Or print it off here: 30DayWritingChallenge

If you fancy checking out the wide range of other worksheets and booklets available for you writers on this site then simply hop over to the Writer Resources page of the blog. On there you can find all sorts from world building, to character development and story ideas.

I would love to know how you get on with these so please post your comments or challenge answers below!

Happy Writing and Good Luck!!


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