Poetry Reading: 100 Degrees


100 Degrees by Sophie Melissa

It burns, it feeds, in a blaze,

Everything looks bleary through the heat haze.

Sparks fly and embers crackle,

Roars like that of a bloody battle.


Devouring everything in its wake,

Surrounding branches until they break.

Eating up grass from the forest floor,

Stopping only when it reaches the lakeshore.


Wild animals run from its grip,

From its orange and scorching fingertips.

The flaming tendrils lick at trees,

The temperature feels like 100 degrees.


A mass of woodland, now turned black,

Who knows what else it will attack.

Houses, farms and villages are near,

It insights in people, so much fear.


Defeated only by a substance that’s blue,

Thrown over it by a fire fighter crew.

Steam billows and the flames die,

Everyone can now breathe a relieved sigh.


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