Capture Those Plot Bunnies!

Plot Bunnies picture

For all of those troublesome plot bunnies that get in the way. Sometimes they are welcome inspiration for writers, other times they take focus away from a big project. The worksheet I’ve created is designed to help you get down the main points so that you can then go back to your WIPs.

So what are plot bunnies?

Plot bunnies are those pesky little ideas that hop around your brain when you least expect it. As I’ve said, they can be quite distracting when your mind is supposed to be elsewhere but sometimes it’s healthy to indulge in those random ideas.

They get me all of the time. Sometimes I’ll see something out and about, or on the computer and it will give me an idea that I can’t put aside until it’s been written down. I need to know it’s there safe for me to come back too one day.

It’s wonderful to feel that towards an idea, it’s your gut telling you that it’s a keeper.

Can we keep them whilst also focusing on other things?

Yes of course. Just because you’ve had an idea spring to mind, it doesn’t mean that you have to choose between the bunny, and a current project.

This worksheet, in my mind, helps you do just that. It gives you the chance to write down a simple idea that gives you enough information so that you don’t forget what your thought, but also allows you to leave it once the sheet is done to go back to anything you are currently working on.

To print the worksheet click here: plot bunnies worksheet

How do you control those cheeky plot bunnies? Do they hit you at the wrong times? Let me know in the comments below!

For anyone wanting to check out the wide range of worksheets and booklets available to you on this site then just hop on over to this post here: Writer Resources you can find all sorts on there about world building, character development, story ideas and much more!




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