The Writing Rut


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer of fiction will on some days, experience the well being dry. Feel the motivation and inspiration drain out of their minds, as they find no real reason to get on their computer and write.

It is a hard path to go down as well as come back from. Mainly because, whilst others don’t realise it, writers still want to be writing during these tough times. They want to write but simply can’t make themselves.

And that is what I’m going through right now. My WIP is coming towards the mid-way of my total word count goal of 80K and is stubbornly refusing to be written. It’s been four days since I’ve touched my work and even then I only wrote 500 words.

But I’m writing now, I hear you say, and yes I suppose you’re right.

I am writing, writing on my blog seems to be something that I’m not struggling with, but I’m still unsatisfied with the lack of progress on my WIP.

It’s causing me pain and it’s making me feel lethargic, but I simply can’t make the words come out. It’s takes me an age to even open up to document, and once I do I stare at the page for about half an hour before closing it down again feeling defeated.

So why am I telling you this?

Because sometimes it’s important to know that you are not alone. It is also important to know that it is okay to have these moments, days, weeks even. What it’s not good to do is lose faith in yourself. You have to get up and open up that document to stare at it for a while, because one day, instead of staring, you’ll write.

And when you write it will feel like a great accomplishment – and it is.

Take these times of dried up effort, to do other things. Write a blog post; draw some art that you put off while writing; perhaps even some crafting; or spending time with friends and family. Do something to fill up the time so that it is not wasted time.

Do something with it so that when you finally get that book finished, you can accept that the time you spent away from it, was worth it. Remind yourself of what it is you love about writing – and most importantly, why your story is a story that NEEDS telling. Because it is.


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