Love the Evil

Love the Evil picture

It’s often the case that the villain makes for a delightful character, someone who is so bad but at the same time, can also be charming. Why we readers like them, I don’t know.

Perhaps it is something to do with their philosophy of ‘do what YOU want, no matter the cost’ that our inner selves find so appealing. It also doesn’t help that many authors make them intensely attractive – a favourite of mine being a man who has coal black hair and always dresses in the best suits; his favourite drink is bourbon neat and he has such class in his demeanour.

Oh and he’s also deeply, intensely and overwhelmingly in love with the protagonist… so that helps.

Whatever it is, readers love a ‘good’ villain. Someone who makes the story worth reading – when the antagonist is a person of course, rather than a creature, government or type of nature. In the other cases, it’s beneficial to have someone cause trouble, albeit not as much as the main antagonist.

To help you guys with this, I came up with a worksheet of a few things to write about to get your villain more richly written – things that wouldn’t necessarily go into your story, but instead will bleed through your writing and into the readers.

Click to open: love the evil worksheet

It’s always a good idea to get some love for your villain – if nobody in your story will love them, then it’s time a reader did.

Go through the worksheet and heck even add in some more exercises if you can think of things I’ve missed (I’m sure there are plenty). Write it out in a notebook, on the computer, perhaps even put it in your story if it fits. You never know.

Who is your favourite villain and why? Let me know in the comments below!

For anyone wanting to check out the wide range of worksheets and booklets available to you on this site then just hop on over to this post here: Writer Resources you can find all sorts on there about world building, character development, story ideas and much more!

Happy Writing 🙂




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