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Writing Prompts From The World Around You


Photo Credit: Jose Ramos.

The world around us is a magical place full of mystery and intrigue, so there surely can’t be a better place than earth to give us inspiration and be our muse.  I’ve searched the internet for some beautiful and bizarre places to inspire your work.

Pirate Cemetery, Madagascar


Île Sainte-Marie is an island of the coast of Madagascar was a base used by pirates, starting with Adam Baldridge in 1685. It was used for many reasons – it was close to maritime routes and had a bounty of fruit. This island provided many places to hide ships and protect them from storms. Many of these pirates founded lives on this island even having children and raising families – now it is known for it’s pirate cemetery, potentially the only one.

One day I plan to visit this place. It’s beautiful and fascinating in its history, something that is truly inspiring for a story.

To find out more go to: Pirate Cemetery

The Bismarck Wreck


The German battleship Bismarck sunk in 1941 on May 27th at 12:00am. It was discovered by Dr. Robert D Ballard who also discovered the Titanic. It appears that the German ship was sunk by torpedoes from planes. Although the ship sunk during WW||, the ship is incredibly well preserved. The ship looks extremely new and almost as if it could do battle today.

There are, obviously, many sunken ships that could make for incredible stories but to find out more about this one go to: Bismarck

Abandoned Buildings

abandoned entry hall

This site has found the most beautiful abandoned buildings from around the world to inspire stories of magnificence.

I absolutely love these pictures, they are hauntingly stunning. I think I’m going to have to see some of these places in real life one day.

Click here: Abandoned Buildings

16th Century Sculpture


This incredible work of art in Italy (Florence) is called Colossus of the Apennines by Giambologna. And even more amazing than the sight itself – it has hidden rooms inside!

What could have gone on in those rooms? Who would have been there? Why where they put there?

Click here: Sculpture 16th Century


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