Dinosaur Sensory Play

This was one of my favourite things to create during the summer for my son to play with outside. He really loved playing with the dinosaurs and the things I put in the tray to make the dinosaur world.

It’s a very easy play to set up and once it’s done it can be stored quite easily in a garage or garden shed until you want to play with it again – I’ve had ours kept out in the shed for about a year!

Things you’ll need:

  • Dinosaur toys
  • Sand
  • Cardboard tree
  • Moss
  • Colourful wood shavings
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Plastic dinosaur eggs
  • Pebbles

The tray I have used was made for both sand and water play which is why there are different levels to it – but any old tray will do really as you can lay out the different landscapes alongside each other.

I set it all up while my son was busy playing inside as I wanted it to be a surprise and it truly was. His face lit up when he saw it and loved that his dinosaurs where on an adventure!

This sensory play is suitable for most ages as there aren’t any (really) small parts. The sensory play fits in with science and exploring the world in the curriculum both early years and foundation stage.

As a qualified early years professional I found that this play is excellent for getting the children interested in what sort of materials I had used – what they looked like compared to real world landscapes and made it extra fun with the dinosaurs involved. I also read a dinosaur fact book after we played as my son loves learning about them.

It’s very easy to come by the materials I used – I bought them all (including pebbles) from my local craft shop and they were fairly cheap.

I hope you have fun with this sensory play as adults as well as the children – it really is quite fun!

Happy Playing 🙂


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