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Bunting for the Bedroom


It’s always nice to have something in your child’s bedroom that you can point to and say ‘I made that’. As they grow up they’ll want to know where it came from and sometimes how you made it.

It’s something that many women will feel like doing whilst pregnant – it’s part of the nesting process. And once you’ve got your kids you’ll probably still feel like this – I love making crafts now.

This bunting is super easy and can be made with a sewing machine or by hand – I chose to use my sewing machine for straighter, tighter stitches.


You”ll need some fabric as well as cotton binding to attach the triangles to. I bought two packs of this spotty pattern – one in pastel and one in bright colours to use for my little boy’s room.

Simply draw and cut out a template on paper, for the size triangles you want to use. Make sure to add about an inch extra along every edge – the top inch will be folded down to attach the triangles to the binding. The side edges will be sewn to the back of the triangle to get rid of fraying edges.

I made eight triangles for my son’s room as his bedroom is rather small. Measure out how long the wall is where you plan to hang the bunting and then work out how many triangles will fit before making.

Once you’ve got your template, pin it to your patterns and cut out the amount of triangles you need (remembering to add the extra inch). Now that you have your triangles you can fold the side inches behind the main triangle and sew together. I used a white cotton thread so that you couldn’t see the stitching.

Now that your triangles are all made you can attach them to the binding. In my opinion it is far easier with a sewing machine but not everyone has one. Lay out the binding (make sure it’s been measured and cut) across a table and place the triangles along it so that they are spread evenly. I had a gap of about 2 inches between each triangle for mine.

Go along each triangle now, making sure not to move the others and pin them to the binding with the top inch folded over the back to attach. Once they’ve been pinned into place it’s very easy to sew the top line across to make them properly attached.

Then you can hang your bunting and show off it’s pretty colours! Sometimes the fabric used will be a bit crumpled because of the way it was folded – iron out any creases before hanging so that it looks wonderful.

Happy Crafting!



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