Why Water Soothes Me…

A thunder storm makes the rest of the world fall away, while you’re tucked up inside with a blanket.


What I mean by this title is mainly the ocean. I have always had a love for the ocean, ebbing tides that draw you in and push back every day. The rushing of the waves, even louder when the wind is blowing, and the salt that clings to your hair and sticks in your nostrils.

You can picture it now can’t you?

But it’s not just the ocean that I feel a deep connection too – I love the rain, I always have. I love getting caught out in a heavy shower getting soaked through to the skin. Raining so hard that I can look up at the sky, stick my tongue out and taste it. It refreshing, and incredibly fun. It can cleanse any bad feelings away in an instant and make it all new.

Thunder storms are music to my ears. To see the lightning brighten up a dark sky through the window and hear the roaring of thunder, that sounds like a herd of elephants right outside my door, or a lion hungry for some prey. It’s exciting and beautiful to watch. I love how the rain hammers on the windows, especially when I’m snuggled up inside with my family. It makes the world quiet – in a strange sort of way. Like you’re the only people in the world, and at times that can be a wonderful feeling.

I’m a mermaid and the waves soothe my cluttered mind, like music to the soul. 

I don’t know about you but for me it’s just easier to breathe near water – whether it’s in the rain or by the sea, the world just seems to make more sense. It’s no surprise really that my favourite colour is teal, or anything bluey-green to be honest.

As a writer I use water in my novels very often – it represents feelings and emotions, can be used as stunning metaphors and all in all, I think, adds to a story and makes it great. Whether it’s a stormy sea for pirates to sail, or a thunder storm for someone to get stuck in – it’s magical.

Water as an element means many different things including healing and cleansing. It’s linked to friendship and love, and is connected to deep meditation. Whether you believe in elements and alignments like this or not, it’s hard to deny the peacefulness of water – it just has that kind of feel.


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