This week I’ve had to write an article for class. Having seen on the news that there are way more girls concerned about their looks than there were five years ago I’ve decided to write about that. But it got me thinking… Shouldn’t we all love our bodies more? Shouldn’t we appreciate them for all they allow us to do? 

I’ll be the first one to admit that sometimes it’s hard to love our bodies. There are many days when I want to be a bit thinner, a bit less curvy, maybe a bit taller. And finding things to love about ourselves can be hard because of the pressure  from society. But that’s why we need to make the effort. Get people thinking about how special they are, and how beautiful inside and out. 

So I’ve started us off…

This is my Facebook status and I’m proud of my body. Share the love and do the same. Make this reach people all across the world.


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