Crafty Things

A Soapy Swirl of Flowers and Snowflakes

14666186_1430535673627738_139669046341941111_n In preparation for the Macmillan Coffee Morning I am hosting tomorrow, I have been both baking and making mad.

I’ve been baking for two days and making these cute little soaps for people to buy as something to brighten up the bathroom or to give as a Christmas gift.

I’ve made snowflakes and roses – both scented differently, some plain white and others with blue, pink and purple glitter on the tops.

For the soap it’s extremely easy to get hold of soap base (the one I used was made from goat’s milk) from a local craft shop or on the internet – I ordered mine and it arrived within the week.

Once you’ve got the soap base all that needs deciding is the colour, smell and shape of the soap – silicone molds are the best thing for this as they can be popped out once it’s dry – which happens within 2 hours!


For my two batches I used rose and ylang ylang fragrance. I also added glitter which sunk to the bottom of the mold giving it the nice colour on top with the rest of it white, which made it look very subtle and pretty.

I then bagged them up in twos in sweet spotty bags for the event tomorrow!


Soap like this is a very easy craft to make on your own or with kids and are perfect gifts for people for birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion!

Happy Crafting 🙂



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