Disneyland Paris, December 2015

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Disneyland anytime soon, then I highly recommend going at Christmas.


I took my son for the first time last year and it was totally magical. Not only is Disney stunning but the amazement in a child’s eyes at the sight of it all makes it even better. We planned our trip beforehand as we wanted to make sure that we fit everything in – THERE’S JUST SO MUCH TO DO! With all the parks offering different experiences, it’s important not to miss out.


Firstly the Magic Kingdom is beautiful, especially at night. Everywhere is lit up with fairy lights and Mickey Mouse shaped decorations. Everyone has bought a light up magic wand to wave in the air as we watch the Disney Dreams show – and it’s definitely worth it. The fountains are lit up all different colours. Favourite characters appear all over the castle and sing our favourite songs. It’s incredible.


My favourite things in Adventure Land were the Pirate Ship from Pirates of the Caribbean, as one of my favourite films it was clearly going to be a favourite. The ride itself was great fun and my son loved it too – we went on it over and over again!


Skull Rock from Peter Pan – this picture below was taken from inside the rock which gave an awesome effect. It felt like we were really in Neverland.


And finally, Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree-house which was really exciting. You can climb all the way to the top and see inside their different rooms full of fruits, a writing desk, a little bed and cooking utensils. Feels like a real desert island.


In the Disney Village there are loads of shops to buy all things Disney, and it’s very hard not to spend all the money in your purse! There’s little food stalls full of Christmassy treats for everyone to enjoy. And best of all there is The Rain Forest Cafe. It’s exciting not only for children but for adults as well! Once you’re in there’s a restaurant full of aquariums of tropical fish and jungle animals all over the walls! The ceiling is covered with parrots and monkeys, tweeting and shouting. And every so often a thunder storm happens with lightning everywhere! Some children might find it alarming as my son did, but we had ear defenders with us so he was able to enjoy the food and animals without the loud noises.

There are so many other aspects of Disney that I love and store close to my heart that I shall make a second instalment to this piece to cover Tomorrowland, Frontierland, & Fantasyland.

Have you been to Disneyland Paris or Disney World Florida? Let me know what your favourite park is in the comments below!



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