A Character Holiday

Character Holiday picture

Have you ever connected with a character so vividly that you can imagine them standing right next to you? In your own home? I have.

It’s that kind of writing that changes characters from fictional to real for us book lovers. And it’s astronomically important for writers – otherwise how are those pesky characters supposed to tell you what to do all the time?

I’ve made a workbook here of places to take your character on holidays and day trips, somewhere to help them relax.

It doesn’t matter if they are present day characters or not. In fact it’d be darned interesting to find out what a man from the 1800s thinks of day time television don’t you think?

Whoever your character is, have a play around. It’ll help their voice get stuck in your head so much, that you’ll be hearing them all day, nagging in your ear while you’re trying to do chores. And it’ll make tapping into the writing that much easier.

So give it a go.


For anyone wanting to check out the wide range of worksheets and booklets available to you on this site then just hop on over to this post here: Writer Resources you can find all sorts on there about world building, character development, story ideas and much more!

Happy Writing 🙂



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