Poetry Reading: A Young Kestrel


A Young Kestrel

Yearning eyes spy down from the looming tree,

Searching earnestly for something to eat,

Patiently he sits and waits to attack,

Looking for a small bird, its feathers black.


It soon spies its meal and goes down to     hunt,

The small prey running at the speed of light,

But it does no good and the kestrel dives,

He has to eat, in order to survive.


The pry goes limp, now the predator’s meal,

Albeit sad, it’s the course of nature,

Now this young kestrel will survive the night,

He flies through the sky as swift as a kite.


Now the young kestrel settles down to sleep,

Atop a high branch, not making a peep.


Photo Credit: Unsplash, Kai Dorner



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