Mummy, A Poem

I wrote this poem for all the parents out there, you know what it’s like and we love ’em 🙂



I can smell cookies in the oven.

The worktop is cluttered with bowls and spoons.

They smell rather yummy,

Can I have one yet mummy?


I can hear the shower on.

Pyjamas laid out ready to wear.

The soap is there to wash my tummy.

Do I have to go in mummy?


I can see my soft bed all made.

Book on the side to read.

I still can’t find my toy bunny.

Do I have to go to bed mummy?


I can taste the sticky medicine.

I feel a little bit poorly.

Tissue in hand, my nose is all runny.

Can you make me feel better mummy?


I can hear birds in the garden.

They sing from their perch in the trees.

Out the window it’s lovely and sunny.

Can I play outside now mummy?


Photo Credit: Unsplash, Andy Chilton.

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