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What To Watch TV Recommendations

It’s been a long time since I started Sophie Melissa, and yet today has been the first time I’ve thought about TV and Film recommendations. I have always meant to do it, and yet never got round to it. So now today is the day I finally share with you what I enjoy watching currently.

I’m on a bit of a history trend at the moment – everything I’ve been watching lately has been set in a time of history, full of violence and political war. So here now, are my Top 5 historical programmes for you all to enjoy.

Vikings – 4 Seasons


Following a family of viking farmers as they rise into power and explore the world, starting with England. It’s an entrancing plot, full of betrayal and power struggles as these people try to find a place for them to settle down and farm. It’s one of my favourite shows that I thoroughly recommend to anyone who enjoys fighting and adventure filled plots, with plenty of kick ass women! (Oh and don’t forget the gorgeous actors too!) You can find it on Amazon Prime or the History Channel

Black Sails – 4 Seasons


My favourite time in history and part of the inspiration for the novel I’m writing. Black Sails is once again full of people fighting for power – often with the women proving the strongest. A combination of real pirates from history, characters from Treasure Island and some new faces, there’s plenty to love on this show. Although it may rip out your heart if you have a tendency to care deeply for characters. Once again found on Amazon Prime

Frontier – 1 Season


A new TV series made by Netflix. Frontier focuses on the fur trade across the world, which seems to be quite the dangerous business. It’s a dog eat dog world where you’ve gotta kill or be killed, with Jason Momoa as the star of the show. It’s only got 6 episodes for now but my goodness they draw you in and leave you begging for more. You’ll fall in love. Mind though that you’ve got a strong stomach, for this one you’ll really need it.

Hell on Wheels – 5 Seasons


My latest discovery in this violent area of historical fiction, it’s pulled me in from the beginning. Set in post-civil war America during the building of a railroad, a man desperately searches for the people who killed his wife in earnest revenge. In the temporary town of Hell on Wheels there are so many plots going on with a wide set of characters all unique in their personalities. Who new building a train track could be so dangerous? Found on Amazon Prime

Z The Beginning of Everything – 1 Season


Whilst this programme isn’t violent like the rest of these suggestions, it’s plenty scandalous and addictively passionate. It tells the story of Zelda Fitzgerald, the first flapper, and wife/muse of the great F Scott Fitzgerald, as they go on through their life, and as books are published. It’ll make you wish you were in the Jazz Age for sure and fits very nicely alongside films like The Great Gatsby. Found on Amazon Prime


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