Little Adventures

Bird Watching


Recently while browsing the Natural History shelves of Waterstones, I came across an adorable little journal entitled ‘Small Adventures Journal’ with pages and pages of things to do in nature. I partly bought this thinking of my son and how much fun we might have doing new things outside, but mainly I was drawn to it for myself. I was drawn to the idea of recording the moon’s progression through the month and of making spore prints that I might hang on the wall somewhere with a scientific looking tag on it, identifying the type of mushroom.

My first venture into this little world of exploration came in the form of bird watching. Some days it is an almost impossible feat, trying to find something to entertain my ever active son when he is desperate to be running around causing havoc. In an attempt to intrigue him with something new I showed him the pages where we could record birds that we have seen, with beautiful illustrations of different kinds of birds.


It’s amazing how exciting it can be to a small child (and even a grown up) to go in hunt of birds around the fields, even if they are not the rarest of birds. Just seeing a pigeon, magpie, blackbird and a flock of starlings was greatly satisfying as we ticked off the birds we had spotted.

It comes as no surprise that when standing outside listening for a peep of a bird somewhere above your head that this quote springs to mind: ‘To stand alone in a field in England and listen to the morning chorus of the birds, is to remember why life is precious.‘ ~ Jon E. Lewis.

I have always had an affinity with nature; just being alone in an open space welcomes in a degree of peace and complete understanding of the world, if only just for a moment. It makes you feel at one with your surroundings, and in touch with mother nature. I have found in my experience that being out in nature, makes meditating that much easier. It helps to cleanse you of unimportant worries and opens your mind to an experience where you can feel in touch with the grass under your feet and the animals by your side.

And so because of this little journal and my keenness to spend more time outdoors and away from technology, I have made this little category entitled ‘Little Adventures’ so that I might be encouraged to venture out into the unknown more often, and indeed share my adventures with you, whether they be big or small.

Perhaps this may even encourage you to venture out into nature and see what you can find. I promise it shall be rewarding.


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