Crafty Things

My Little Wonky Whale


I have been scouring Pinterest once again for some new and easy (cause who wants to make things hard for themselves?) crafts that I might make whilst using up all of the spare fabric cluttering my craft desk.

Whilst searching I found this cute little Whale Craft here, and luckily enough I have just recently had to give up on a pair of jeans after they developed some holes — recycling time!

It was really fun making this little guy – with a few mistakes along the way. You can see in the pictures probably that in a couple of places, I had to re-sew the fabric on the outside of the whale where I hadn’t managed to join them together well enough. I also haven’t as of yet managed to sew on eyes as I realised after finishing, that I should have done that after cutting out the pieces. He’s a little wonky. A little quirky. But that’s what makes him unique!

But I’m not too bothered, he’s a cute little friend for my little boy and I’m sure that next time I make one I’ll be able to improve upon it. But for now this little softie will have a prime spot on my son’s bed for bedtime 🙂

It was a fumble, finding my way with making my first toy but it was a very enjoyable way to spend a couple hours this morning and I’m quite fond of him, and I’m proud of me.



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