Little Adventures

Bug Hunting


Just the other day I took my son to Hobbycraft to pick up a few things, and of course, we could not leave without him wanting to get something. After much browsing and deliberating we settled on something that we were both rather pleased with. A bug safari, full of equipment for catching, observing and then returning bugs back to where we found them. My son was absolutely thrilled. He is constantly outside searching around in the dirt for worms and woodlice – he seems to have some sort of kinship with woodlice because when he’s outside, he is rarely without a woodlouse friend that he has found somewhere and is carrying with him around the yard.

We quite often refer to my baby boy as ‘Gerry’ after Gerry Durrell from My Family and Other Animals. I would not be surprised, if later in life my son were to do a zoology or entomology degree; my mother and I hold out hope that he may one day be a vet to make those vet bills that little bit better. If we could have one to hand that would be rather handy, haha.

Here is a little slideshow of some of our finds:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So naturally, we set off into the fields, searching in stinging nettle patches and among the far off bushes on a quest to find as many wonderful and peculiar bugs as we could find. And indeed, we were very successful. The little bug pot was opened and filled, looked at, emptied of it’s contents, and once again refilled with some other beast, that had been in the right place at the right time.

I often think of myself as someone who does not particularly like bugs. I don’t like the flapping, especially if it is around my head. Spiders have a tendency to make my toes curl up so tight that it hurts, and make my hair stand up on end, as I feel like there are little bugs walking all over me, making me itch. But, I did find that with a bit of study plastic between us, I was quite intrigued by these little monsters.

Their little shiny bodies and intricate wings that manage to fold away unseen until they wish to make their escape. Those tiny eyes, all black, are actually rather cute when you look at them for long enough. I mean, I’m definitely sure I would not like to surround myself with them day and night, but perhaps, I have a slightly better appreciation for them now. I suppose if we did not have them around then we would indeed suffer in a number of ways, and they do, granted, give the countryside a nice shine. Perhaps me and bugs will become best friends yet. You never know.




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