Character Archetypes Worksheet

Archetypes picture

As I’m often hearing from my teacher when talking about writing – you have to know the rules before you can break the rules. One of the often used ‘rules of writing’ is Carl Jung’s character archetypes. While there can be different names for these archetypes they are invariably the same wherever you look. So why do we need them?

Well it is of course, completely up to you if you choose to use the character archetypes as a way of building your characters, but they can sometimes come in rather handy. My favourite way to use them is to take the stereotype of each character and turn it on it’s head. The ‘innocent’ doesn’t always have to be a sweet young person who is rather naive in life – instead they could be the middle aged woman who does everything in her life for the sake of her family. Archetypes don’t need to be cliched and boring – you can make whatever you like out of them.

So because of this I’ve made a little worksheet where you can outline what sort of person you might want to fill those archetypes. Any ones that you feel you don’t need can simply be left blank. It’s all up to you.

character archetypes worksheet picture.png

Print off the worksheet and fill in the gaps here: character archetypes workbook and have fun with it!

For anyone wanting to look at all of the other worksheets and booklets available on the blog just hop on over to this post, where all of the sheets have been accumulated for your  use: Writer Resources on here you can find worksheets about world building, character development and all sorts of useful prints off!

Happy Writing 🙂


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