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Story Genius By Lisa Cron Book Review

I bought this book after having it recommended by a writing friend some months ago; and I have to say that it has been the most beneficial book I have ever read about writing. I own numerous books entitled ‘How to Write’ and ‘How to get Published’ but none of them seem to have that spark that makes everything so clear. There are only so many times one can read about story structure and character development before shutting off.


Lisa Cron has taken this vague and very much unhelpful set of wise words and transformed them into something that you can actually physically see working in front of you. Not only does she explain aspects of story writing that I have not read about before, but she provides case studies and then gives a little ‘Activity’ at the bottom of each chapter.

The advice she gives is tangible and capable of bending to whatever sort of novel (fiction) you may be writing. I already have a mostly finished draft when I bought this book and I was originally concerned that it would not work the same if we weren’t taking it right from the beginning – I was wrong. This book is a deep well of knowledge that I am so glad I delved into.

Her activities have made all of my thoughts and attempts so much clearer than they were before. I know have answers to those questions that you just know someone will ask when you mention writing a book. It makes everything that little bit easier – Lisa Cron shows you what people respond to in stories (not always what you think) and how to weave that into your forming masterpiece to add a splash of colour.

I would never attempt to write a book again without this book’s input. It has given me new belief and confidence in myself and my writing capabilities. It can do the same for you.

Cron covers the WHY, the MESSAGE and MEANING, getting the initial fledgling IDEA down on paper, what is at STAKE and how to portray why we should CARE about those stakes.

All in all this book has become my life ring, my bible and I wouldn’t go anywhere without it again. Every time I open it there is something more for me to take away.

You can find Lisa Cron’s brilliance here: Story Genius

Lisa Cron is also the author of Wired for Story which I intend on buying post haste, you can find it here: Wired For Story

Which books do you rely on as your story compass? Let us know in the comments below!! We would LOVE some recommendations.  


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