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The Relaxation of Gardening


Now that we’re nearing summer weather (we’ve had the occasional hot day but hopefully there will be more to come) I thought it was time to write a post about gardening. I first started gardening when I was pregnant, as I thought that by getting my son to garden with me, he would be more keen to eat fruit and vegetables (which he is!) and I found it really fun.

When I was younger I didn’t enjoy gardening all that much. My mum did a lot of gardening at my grandma’s house and occasionally I helped her, but I found it rather boring – I hated sitting in the dirt and picking out loads of little weeds for hours on end. But now I find it really relaxing. There’s something really satisfying about seeing something so small grow into something really big – especially when there’s fruit or vegetables to eat at the end.


I don’t tend to plant flowers, only fruit, vegetables and herbs but I love finding wild flowers growing in the garden and the fields. There’s something so peaceful about sitting outside surrounded by nature. Plus if you sit still for long enough you’re bound to come across bees, butterflies and all sorts of wildlife coming to hover around the flowers. They brighten the place up with wonderful colours and smells. Not only that but there are numerous health benefits to gardening according to lots of research done on the subject.

  • Light exercise like gardening can burn more calories than a gym workout.
  • Natural environments have been proven to reduce anxiety.
  • Gardening has a positive effect on mental health and well-being.
  • A bacteria living in soil has been found to have positive effects on the levels of serotonin in the brain – thus making you more happy. 

You can find out lots more about the benefits of gardening on your health here: Gardening is good for you.

I intend on spending more time outside, not only to garden but also to spend my reading time outdoors rather than in a dark room. To sometimes work on my laptop outside instead of at my desk on my uncomfortable chair. To just sit outside and marvel at the beauty of something so simple as a garden that doesn’t even get that much attention. I reckon that it will have a good effect on me to be outside more and perhaps change my daily routine and make it more pleasant and feel more productive than it usually does.

At the end of our furthest horse field there is a large patch of wild heather that grows every year. I love going up there with a basket and some scissors to pick a load for the kitchen, they’re such a beautiful colour and even without water they last for a very long time, that lovely rich purple colour.

You would be able to see from my Instagram account that there are loads, absolutely loads of pictures of flowers from our garden, my granddads and others from just around the countryside. They’re so pretty it’s difficult not to take pictures and spam the internet with bright coloured petals every day.

Perhaps this year I will plant not only fruit and vegetables, but flowers too to make everything nice and colourful. Some might live on the windowsill in the kitchen, others could be planted outside in stone planters which are currently empty of life.

I hope you guys will get out and about during the summer – even if you don’t have a garden there are always ways to fill your little world with plants. They’ll not only brighten up the place but they’ll be good for your health too; and you never know you might actually find gardening fun.


How do you guys spend your time outdoors? Let us know in the comments below!


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