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Kitten Fostering

18947905_1173731922738463_6202044543357943808_n(Pip, Sooty and Susie)

For the past few weeks, we’ve had three little baby cats in our lounge and it’s been so exciting. A few years ago a mummy cat and her baby turned up at our horse yard around Christmas time and my mum started feeding them. They were partially wild but eventually we were able to stroke them and play with them. Over the years the baby grew up and the mother had a couple more litters, we were able to catch her and get her spayed, but by then we had loads of cats at our door waiting for food (we now, understandably, are known as crazy cat ladies by our family!). We still have quite a few living there now, and have all been neutered.

These little guys were born to one of the cats from a litter born a couple of years ago. We had had another set of three babies from the same mummy last year and now those guys are all grown up and living with a friend of ours! Sadly, these cute little bundles lost their mummy due to a difficult birth and so they had to be hand reared. First looked after for 6 weeks by a friend, they then came back to us to live in our lounge until they were old enough to be re-homed with some nice families – we were unable to keep them as they are now house cats, and we already have dogs and not enough space for them.

We had a wonderful time looking after them. They’re little monkeys and very active, constantly play fighting with each other and trying to climb up us when we were holding them. My son absolutely adores them, he would sit in their cat house and let them climb all over him. They need regular care, not only food but plenty of playing with people so as to get them used to being handled. Anything else they can be exposed to will benefit them later on when they are being homed – meeting dogs, hearing the hoover etc. is good for them to experience.

The reason I’ve decided to write a post about this is because it’s very important. Our babies have been taken to find a new home with Cats Protection, a fabulous charity which cares, neuters, and re-homes cats and kittens that need it. You can find their website here. I want to bring attention to this awesome charity for all the work they do for cats in the UK. And any of you animal lovers reading this, you can get involved too – after the fun experience(s) we’ve signed up with Cats Protection to volunteer as kitten fosterers, whenever they have babies in the area that need a temporary home for weaning and socialising, before they can be given to a family who will love them. Cats Protection will also cover the cost of the cats while you are caring for them, so you don’t need to worry about being out of pocket.

18809618_1672862469687068_8504047508211630080_n(Pip, Sooty and Susie)

Not only can you foster or adopt cats (old and young) but you can help in other ways. Their online shop can be found here full of lovely cat themed gifts. Their magazine and annual review can be yours if you become a member. You can sponsor a cat or simply make a donation. Cats Protection help around 200,000 cats and kittens every year and so really need your support to continue their marvellous work.

Our babies are going to be given to loving homes and we hope to enjoy looking after more kitties again soon. Please get online and give your support in any way you can, it will be greatly appreciated.

(Aronnax, Bonny and Crusoe last year)

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