Word Count Tracking Chart

Word Count picture

Hello lovely writers,

Do you ever struggle to keep track of how many words you have in each section of your novel? To make sure that all of the chapters are of similar length? I do.

My first novel is one of rather long chapters – all of my chapters have between 5000 – 6000 words and if you are like me and don’t write your chapters in order, then it can become quite confusing to look at. I have completed chapters and other chapters where I have only written a paragraph. I needed a way to keep track of which ones where finished and which ones needed more work without having to scroll through my entire manuscript each time, and so, I made this little worksheet.

Since making it however, I have started other projects, some of which do not have long never-ending chapters, instead with quick and punchy ones. And so in order to keep track of those projects, I edited my chart to suit the shorter chapters. So now I have two charts of which you are all welcome to use for checking on the progress of your masterpieces.

If you like to write long chapters (often suited to fantasy novels and ‘literary’ novels) then this is the chart for you: word count tracking for long chapters it contains blocks for you to colour in up to 6000 words per chapter, with 20 chapters in total. You can always print off two charts if you have more than 20 chapters. I have left space in the chapters for you to write chapter titles if you use titles.

word count long chapters

For people who write shorter chapters, and have more of them then this is the chart for you: word count tracking short chapters again it contains blocks for you to colour in – this time up to 2000 words per chapter, with a total of 60 chapters. Again, print off two charts if you have more chapters. I have again left space for chapter titles if you like to use titles like I do.


For anyone wanting to look at all of the other worksheets and booklets available on the blog just hop on over to this post, where all of the sheets have been accumulated for your  use: Writer Resources on here you can find worksheets about world building, character development and all sorts of useful prints off!

I hope you guys find these charts useful to keep track of your projects. I know I do. I’d be lost without them. If lots of you are finding you’d like more chapters added to the charts them let me know in the comments below and I will edit them for you, the same applies to word count.

Happy Writing 🙂




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