Little Adventures

Strawberry Picking


This weekend we decided to make use of the summer sun, spend some time outdoors and go to the pick your own farm down the road. It’s a fabulous place, loads of different fruit and vegetables to pick – the lady who runs the place gives you some plastic punnets to fill up with whatever you fancy.

We chose to fill ours with strawberries because they’re so delicious. There are rows and rows of strawberry vines down the field which makes it a lovely place to come and visit – it’s so peaceful with only a few people in sight as you pick the fruit you like the look of.

We were very lucky to find loads of massive, bright red strawberries, all perfectly ripe when we visited this weekend. We even managed to fill 3 punnets – 3kg of strawberries! We could easily have picked more but decided that would probably be enough for one trip. And we intend on visiting again when we need some more – perhaps this time we’ll also pick some gooseberries, blackberries, or broad beans!

It was a lovely way to spend an hour outside without having to do anything to strenuous. I’m not a fan of the heat myself and so tend to stay inside most of the day to avoid the sun – but this was in fact very enjoyable. My son was kept occupied, finding the low down, hidden strawberries underneath, with a punnet of his own to fill.

I quite like the idea of owning a small holding like this far off in the future in fact. It would be quite fun to grow a big load of fruits and vegetables that we could then sell – our chickens might also make an appearance selling their eggs. It would be quite a nice way to make a little income. My son is also a very keen gardener at age 4 and so I’m sure he’d love to be given a hose to spray water everywhere to water the plants. It’s the kind of peaceful idyllic countryside lifestyle that I tend to picture when I think of little farms and how I might like to spend my time when I’m older. I’d love to be one of those people who runs a little shop of fruit, veg, eggs, jam that I’ve made, and maybe some baked goods too. Maybe some day it will happen. You never know.

Although this isn’t a long blog post, or even one that tells you much, I do hope you enjoy it and perhaps try to go to a pick your own farm near you sometime! It’s great fun.


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