Writing First Chapters

first chapters

I’ve scoured the internet in search of information to understand how we, as writers, might better write out first chapters. Right from the get go. Although my first chapter has already been written I have every intention of making sure that I have included the points listed below when it comes to editing. There is lots that can be found on how one should attempt to write a first chapter – I have taken the main points that I found to be the most beneficial and listed them here, along with some links to other sites that have posts about writing these first chapters so that we can all benefit from the information.

  • Use the first chapter to choose your tense and point of view that shall be used throughout your novel.
  • DON’T worry about getting straight to the action – if your novel needs to go into characters and setting first, then that is what you should do.
  • Introduce your character and make them stand out. Make them memorable.
  • First chapters should be a mini story that can stand alone, in order to make it strong and important, something that will hook readers.
  • Be confident and bold in your first chapter – start with a bang!
  • Provide information for your readers but DON’T give anything away.
  • Start with something interesting – not necessarily action, but an interesting scene to intrigue readers and get them to want to know more.
  • Introduce your story’s setting.
  • Set the tone for your story.
  • Set up the plot, get the ball rolling.
  • What does your main character want? Why?
  • How might they achieve their goal? What’s stopping them?



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