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Out in the Rain


When I was younger I used to love the rain. I’ve never been a fan of heat or the summer, and thunderstorms were my favourite kind of weather. But over the years I’ve found myself in bad moods simply because it’s raining outside and I wanted to avoid getting wet, even if it was just a quick dash to the car.

The past few days have been very rainy here, after a whole week of really hot sunny weather it has come as rather a downer on the general mood where I live. I whinged to myself yesterday morning because I wanted to wash my hair before taking my son to school but ‘it’s not worth it because it’s only going to get wet’. I spent the whole day slightly grumpy all because my hair hadn’t been washed.

It’s something that’s so small but has highlighted a change in myself that I don’t like; a separation from the child-like wonder that we all grow up with, only to grow out of it when it gets in the way of daily life. I detest the idea of losing that part of myself, that is so filled with excitement about things adults only seem to be indifferent about, and almost fed up of.

I was reminded yesterday how fun the rain can be through a child’s eyes. My son came out of school to see that I had brought his umbrella with me to pick him up. That was all it took to make him grin widely and look so happy. An umbrella.

When was the last time any of us took a moment to watch raindrops slide down a window, and see which one would win? Or put on boots so that we might jump in puddles and get soggy?

Kids don’t hesitate to play because they are thinking of the consequences of changing into new clothes later; or because they’ve had a shower and want to keep their hair dry. They just play.

It’s something that we need to be reminded of every now and then. Not to avoid life because it could be inconvenient later on, but to experience it as fully as children do, inconvenience be damned. I think we could all learn something from the way children manage to find fun in the most mundane of things. I am grateful to my son for reminding me that sometimes it’s fun to stand out in the rain and get soaked just for the sake of it.


Photo Credit: Found on Pinterest here



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