Flash Fiction Reading: The Fox


The Fox

Today was the day she died.

The damp, moss covered ground lay around her like a blanket of green, coddling her sides, as her lifeless figure lay there in the dimming light. When night fell, animals crept from their burrows and dens, emerging out into the world, ready to hunt for food. Nervous eyes, and quivering noses scoured the surroundings for danger, before the rest of the animal came out into the open. All was the same as it always was, except for the girl.

The stench of death was obvious to the fox, as soon as its snout stuck out of the hole. Dried blood among the crunchy leaves; the smell wafted into his nose and set him on edge. Anything different was cause for alarm. Scanning the treeline for longer than usual, the fox finally slunk out into the dark. His body lighting up under the pale moonlight, striking and powerful.

Slowly. Cautiously, he moved over to the girl. Body low to the ground, he crept along almost on his stomach, until he was standing right beside her. There wasn’t much blood. A small pool had formed by the left side of her head and had already congealed into a sticky dark mess. He sniffed it, before examining the rest of her. She was cold against his snout, cold and stiff.

No one knew how long she had been there, or how long she stayed. Though search parties were sent out and pictures appeared in every doorway, there she remained. The fox licked some blood from her scalp, nosed around her body curiously before slinking back into the darkness and his next meal.

The animals grew used to her being there. She became another part of the forest. As time went on and insects ate away, the bones had scattered across the floor. Animals, unaware, kicked them as they passed, not noticing what went on around their feet. Except for the fox. Every night as he crept out of his home, his nose would twitch and his eyes would scan the treeline before looking over towards where the body had lain, lit up by the moonlight.



Picture Credit: Unsplash, Ozark Drones

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