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Camping Scavenger Hunt

We’re off camping in the English countryside next week (most likely in the pouring rain) and although most of our time will probably be spent in our safari tent, I also wish to go for a nice hike or two. My son may find this somewhat dull after a while though. So I thought I’d make it more interesting – hence the scavenger hunt.

Whether you’re going exploring in nature with a child or just on your own, I really enjoy scavenger hunts. They get you looking at things you might have easily missed before, and they help to make everything into treasure. Whilst a pine cone or a feather might not be that exciting normally – when it’s on your list it becomes nature’s treasure!

I’ve created this camping scavenger hunt for you to print off for wherever you plan to be this summer. I’ve also included some bits to fill in, if you want to get your little monkey writing more while on holiday, or if you just want the worksheet as a keepsake of your trip. It’s always nice to have things to remember your trips by.

camping scavenger hunt picture

I hope you guys find this scavenger hunt fun and exciting while in the great outdoors sometime! May it inspire you to go off on an adventure somewhere you have never been before.

Happy Exploring 🙂


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