Hey There!

I’m Sophie Melissa, a speculative fiction author doing a degree in English and Creative Writing, with a passion for adventure, mermaids and vampire fiction. A qualified Early Years professional, I’m also a mummy to my beautiful little boy, who is growing up WAY too fast and I also love to cook & craft. So there’s many things to float your boat on this site!

I’ve been writing for six years and am in the throes of perfecting the manuscript for The Bloody Maiden before it gets sent to publishers. I’ve written many short stories and pieces of flash fiction too (two have even been published in this AWESOME anthology produced with some writer friends of mine. You can find it here). The WRITING section has been created for the purposes of supporting and giving advice to other like-minded writers to help them along their publishing journey, through blog posts, worksheets and random musings.  The idea behind this blog (and my writing) is to help myself and others publish inspirational and thought provoking novels that people will fall deeply in love with.

I made the MOTHERHOOD section not only to share my experiences as a mother and show you some of the things we get up too but also to learn more for myself! As a qualified Level 3 Early Years Professional I’ve also written things in mind of the curriculum for the UK so that parents at home can do activities that support their children’s learning.

The FOOD, BOOKS, CRAFT, TRAVEL and BEAUTY sections were created in mind for people in general – recipes to cook at home, books that I can highly recommend, places to go, things to make and stuff to try all throughout the year!

With that in mind these posts have been up and running since February 2016 and plan to go on for many years to come, helping fledgling authors, parents, crafters, chefs, travellers and all round lovely human beings, along the way.

I hope you like this blog and find it useful – it sure was intended to be that way!