Writer Resources

After writing individual posts for some of these worksheets, I decided it would be easier for everyone if I put them all in one place. This tab will get updated every time a new worksheet is done – I will let you all know through Facebook and Instagram when that happens. For now I hope you find these worksheets useful in your planning!

Happy Writing 🙂

  • plot bunnies worksheet – For when you need to clear your head of those pesky plot bunnies and get back to your WIP. Use these sheets to make sure you don’t forget your ideas!
  • character profiling workbook – Get your characters well rounded and complicated with this little character workbook. Works with secondary as well as primary characters!
  • love the evil worksheet – Develop the BIG BAD in your story with this villainous worksheet!
  • world-building-workbook – Mainly for fantasy/made up worlds, but still helpful in working out how your story world will function, it’s all in here from cultures to trade.
  • kill-your-darlings-worksheet – Sad I know, but if you have to kill off that special person, make sure you’re doing it right with this little sheet!
  • a-character-holiday-worksheet – Step away from that WIP for a bit, take your characters on holiday! Develop their voice by placing them somewhere they wouldn’t normally be in this worksheet!
  • story-bible-section-dividers – For those of you making a story bible like myself, keep it all organised with these section dividers!
  • create-your-title-worksheet – Once your novel has been started you might want to think about a title. Get some ideas for your novel’s name here!
  • character-archetypes-workbook – Make sure your characters fit some profiles by using this archetype sheet so that you don’t forget any!
  • word count tracking short chapters – for those of you who like to track your word count progress, there are two tracking charts. This one is for those of you who write short snappy chapters!
  • word count tracking for long chapters – this chart is for those of you, who like me, tend to write longer chapters, with less of them. This is often the case for literary novels or period fiction.
  • everyday tracker blank template – fill in and use this habit tracker to not only keep on top of your weekly writing routine but everything else in your life! Like water intake, bed at a certain time, how often you exercise or anything else that springs to mind!